Index with ! in their name cant be selected for recovering

I have an ES cluster whith indices name like!monthly!2018-07_v0 and doing regular snapshots/backups

Now, when I want to restore all of them, all works pretty well. If I want to restore just a specific index however, es wont do it. The command I use:

curl -X POST "localhost:9200/_snapshot/s3_backups/20191218_060001/_restore?pretty&wait_for_completion=true" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'
  "indices": "!monthly!2018-07_v0",
  "index_settings": {
    "index.number_of_replicas": 0

The result I get is:

  "snapshot" : {
    "snapshot" : "20191218_060001",
    "indices" : [ ],
    "shards" : {
      "total" : 0,
      "failed" : 0,
      "successful" : 0

Please note, that If I use index without ! in its name (e.g. .kibana ), it works well. Any ideas of how I can solve that? Preferably without telling developers to rename the indices. The ES in question has version 1.7.3 I am aware it is EOL, but it is what I have to work with right now.

What worked for me when i had a % in the Index name was to use the url encoded Version
For you that would be
(used to encode it)

Thanks for your response!
What I read it, i though 'That must be it!' but unfortunately, the result is the same :frowning:

So.. yeah, it was my bad in the end... the developer which requested it had typo in the index name. The others I tried the restoration on was picked by me so it was right and also somebody told me that exclamation mark is problematic, so i did not double check. Thanks for help

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