Index with size and docs unknown

I have an index that has Docs and Size as Uknown.
_cat/indices shows me this:
green open itau-bc_cat-2016.09 1 0

Other thing is that the Index Status is null.
Also checked for ERRORs in logs, and I couldn't found any.


That's pretty odd, what version are you on, what JVM?

Java 1.8.0_101
ES 1.7.5

"state": "INITIALIZING",
"primary": true,
"node": "70J8zBdtTb-Fh_wp3kwLkg",
"relocating_node": null,
"shard": 0,
"index": "itau-bc_cat-2016.09",
"unassigned_info": {
"at": "2016-09-30T14:52:11.365Z",
"details": "shard failure [failed to create shard][IndexShardCreationException[[itau-bc_cat-2016.09][0] failed to create shard]; nested: LockObtainFailedException[Can't lock shard [itau-bc_cat-2016.09][0], timed out after 5000ms]; ]"

Solved: Deleted the index and restarted ES, and it is OK now.