Indexing document using specified index alias

Declaimer: I'm a noob in Elasticsearch, so sorry if my question is dumb.

As I understand from documentation, initially I should declare alias for my index, and from that point and so on use alias everywhere (both while indexing and querying documents). Doing that will allow me to switch to another index without downtime.

So, I'm, using NEST client and trying to index a document. I looking into API and trying to find how I specify alias name as part of index operation. For some reason, I find only "index" argument but not alias.

Do I miss something?

This is what I trying to do (bulk operation):

    var descriptor = new BulkDescriptor();

                foreach (var jobDocument in jobDocuments)
                    descriptor.Index<JobDocument>(op => op.Document(jobDocument).Index(JobsIndexName));

                var result = await _elasticClient.

So, in addition to"Index" I was expecting to have "Alias" - but there is none...

In Index() put the alias name.

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