Indexing source code using ES and ingest attachment plugin


I would like to index some source files and make regex queries to search for information in source code.
I've installed ElasticSearch 5.4 and the Ingest attachment plugin and it works fine but I cannot get line number or even the position of a highlight in the file.
I saw this post from 2014 Source Code Index using ES and the answer was :

About line numbers, you could either do it on a client level or index lines if you want to retrieve lines.

Just like indexing a book. If you need to give as a result a page (think page number), it means that you need to index pages not the book!

This post is kind of old now and I wonder if something has been made since then, for this need ?

Please let me know if you have some advices on the subject.


Not anything I'm aware of.

Ok thank you :slight_smile:

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