Indexing the same data multiple times


I have an index (products) consisting of some indexed fields (properties)
and an attachment field (I am using attachment plugin). I was wandering if
it is (or it will be) possible to index an attachment just once (and store
it in it's own index maybe) and then just 'attach' it to other documents.
By 'attach' I mean a process resulting in the possibility of searching
products by an attachment, without having to index the attachment again and
again (in my case, many products include the same attachment).
I was thinking about copying the tokens from the already indexed doc to the
other ones, but as far as I am concerned, this can not be done.
I would appriciate any suggestions on how to avoid indexing the same data
again and again within the different products.
Thanks in advance.

Paweł Młynarczyk

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