Indice documents count goes up after update

After documents update, documents count is doubled but I still have the same number of docs when I query indice. Deleted docs show the number before update and that's expected, but I didn't expects documents count to be higher. What can be a reason?


It's probably because updating a document is behind the scene a DELETE + and INDEX operation.

Thank you. Does this mean that I should increase the number of shards if I have more updates prepared for the future? To be concrete, I have 1.5 million docs. After update "documents count" is 3 mil. and I have 1.5 mil. deleted. When I query the indice, I still have 1.5 mil. docs. So if I perform 2 more updates, does it mean that I will have 6 mil documents count and 4.5 million deleted?

If that's the case then I should reindex or copy the data to indice with more shards. Am I right?

No. Merge is happening behind the scene so it will be eventually purged.
Note that if you are updating the whole dataset everytime it's better to index in a new index and delete the old one.
With alias on top of it.

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