Indices having filter with required._id = NODE_ID blocking replica shard to allocate

My indices are having 1 replicas and 3 shards (3x2)

There are some indices having a filter "index.routing.allocation.required._id": id-of-a-certain-node, blocking the replica shard to allocate on any node due to two restrictions:

  1. (Decider: filter) Routing filters required the shards be allocated on a specific node
  2. (Decider: same_shard) Primary and replica shards cannot be on the same node

The routing filters are not applied by human, not sure why these filters exists.

There are also some shards un-allocated due to memory issue, but resolved after increasing memory and JVM heap.

The incidence is resolved, so I won't be able to provide additional error logs, but I'll try my best to answer any question regarding the issue.

Commands used for checking the status:

/<index>" | jq '."<index>".settings.index.routing'

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