config setting and 2.2

(Asharif) #1

So I didn't see

in the new 2.2 documentation (or I missed it cause I suck). I did however see


by lowering or increasing the merge thread pool is that how we can control or throttle segment merging?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Merging now auto throttles, so you shouldn't need to worry about changing anything here.
What's your reason for looking at this stuff?

(Asharif) #3

Many thanks! Our indexing rate is growing. It's probably not nearly as much as some other applications, but we are growing and is currently at around 200k-220k per second. In 1.6.0 I found that indexing was being throttled because of the merges. So I found which has some tips. One of which was the above config =). Any other pointers, or documents that can be provided on improving indexing rates (from a software perspective) above all else in 2.2 would be greatly appreciated. The following settings have also always helped and they seem to still be around in 2.2:


(system) #4