Information on the elk suite


I would like to set up an infrastructure with the ELK suite.
It will be a distributed architecture.
I would like to have some information about the configuration required.

In your opinion, how much RAM / CPU / DISK do I need to put in place for an infrastructure that must accommodate more than 20,000 stations?

Thank you in advance for your reply.



Hi @Baudillon_Remy Welcome to the community.

Great question, however It is very hard to answer a very broad question like that .. it depends on what you are collecting logs, metrics, APM uptime/ synthetics etc.

Ingestion is a factor

And it also depends on how much retention you want to kind of analytics you want to do in both real time and historically.

Are you going to use ILM and Data Tiers...

The best way to determine you larger/ overall requirements is to do a small representative POC and the extrapolate from that.

We can help extrapolate.

If you want best practices HW Profiles I would recommend looking at the HW profiles we use for Elastic Cloud...

Gather a bit more requirements and come back we will be happy to help more.

There are some simple storage based calculations but a POC is well worth your time in my opinion.

hi @stephenb,

Thank you for your quick response.
I will look into the subject a little more deeply and make a small POC to understand how it works and its capabilities.

I will come back to you after these tests if needed.

have a good day.



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There is this blog which is a couple of years old which has some information/guidance it is the storage based method. Its a good read and will give you some more food for thought... and your POC can feed into this thinking...

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