Infrastructure not fully working for users with limited xpack privileges


We have multiple Kibana Spaces and each Space has a number of users with limited privileges.

All users of a Kibana Space have access to hosts where a certain field is set, for example:

Read and view_index_metadata on metricbeat and metricbeat-* where

{"term": {"digipolis.subcel":"crm"}}

So infrastructure works fine for users such as myself who have access to all Kibana Spaces. Users with limited privilges seem to have access to the Infrastructure waffle view correctly. Only the hosts to which they have access are shown. But the moment they click a host and select "View Metric", the get "There is no data to display" message...

In discovery they can see the metricbeat data needed.



Hi @willemdh,

Sorry you're experiencing this behaviour. This is a bug that we're aware of and you can track it's progress here.

Hi @Kerry,

Thanks for that link. Hopefully it's resolved soon. I can't give all our users access to the default space, as it contains sensitive info.




Yep, completely understand. The root cause has been found, and a fix is in progress, I can't give timeframes but just to let you know it's "moving".

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