Infrastructure UI Colouring Feedback

(Aaron Daisley) #1


Overall, the Infrastructure UI is absolutely fantastic! I had recently started looking into metricbeat to log our hosts and our Docker containers, and then v6.5 released and so we instantly upgraded to get this awesome new feature.

My main question, and I suppose feedback at the moment is that the gradient for the metricset usage is not changeable. A member of our team is red/green colourblind and he said the shading for the grey-blue part of the gradient is not at all helpful and that he's unable to tell the difference.

It would be nice if we could make our own gradient, so every member of our team doesn't have difficulty using the software. I know it's in Beta currently and this might already be a future feature.

Something to bear in mind I guess :slight_smile: cheers

(Felix Stürmer) #2

Thank you for the valuable feedback @adaisley. Making the Infrastructure UI accessible is definitely on our roadmap.

Since this overlaps with other coloring discussions taking place on github I added a reference there. Feel free to join the conversation over there too. The input of you and your team members would certainly be appreciated.

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