Infrastructure UI issue

Dear All,

I am facing issue in kibana infrastructure UI , by mistake we have replaced logAlias field by * , after that every time we try to go to infrastructure UI through kibana , all the cluster suddenly marked as down. I tried to replace the ui infrastructure seting in kibana.yml with no success :
xpack.infra.enabled: true
xpack.infra.sources.default.logAlias: 'logstash-*'

Can u please assist

You will need to remove the "saved object" in Kibana. To find the document run the following query in the Console under Dev Tools

GET .kibana*/_search
  "query": {
    "match": {
      "_id": "infrastructure-ui-source:default"

That should return one result which you can either update the document to remove that setting OR you can just delete it and try again. If you choose to delete that document that would look something like this:

DELETE .kibana_1/_doc/infrastructure-ui-source:default

The only thing you might have to change is the .kibana_1 index to match the index returned in the document (from the previous query).

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thank u so much !!!!!!! u save my day !

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