Ingest ASN.1 binary files


I'm trying to setup an ingest pipeline of CDR files encoded in ASN.1 binary format and load the data in the elastic cluster

I've been reading and trying to determine if we have built in tools in Elastic to accomplish this task, thinking in ingest node running preprocessor (or Logstash out of the cluster)

If that's not possible I will have to add a software layer to convert ASN.1 to json and then ingest files using filebeat.

If you can share best practice I trully appreciate your comments.


Ingest pipelines require data being sent in in JSON format and although you potentially could store binary data in a base64 encoded field >I have never heard of a ASN.1 decoder. I therefore think you will need to add a decoding software layer as I do not think you will be able to rely on standard components.

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