Ingest-Attachement: How get (or store) properties without getting (storing) source document content

I have to store documents using ingest-attachement.

This works, and I have need some properties (file meta data such as date, filename, and so on ...).
But I when I run a search query, I don't want the content of the file to be in the response (for network and memory reason), but just meta data properties.
The use case is:
I look for documents with keyword, I get the filemetadata of matching files, then, on demand, I get the real content of the file.
I'm not an ES expert, so, I don't know if the approche is to Index meta data with content BUT withot storing the source content, or if there's a way to query only properties.

Thx for your help!

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Take a look at source filtering. It will allow you to choose what portion of the document to return in search hits.

You can use a remove processor in your pipeline to remove the original BASE64 field.

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