Ingest attachment Plugin exception :

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I have installed Ingest attachment plugin to push the csv data to Kibana monitoring.
However i got some errors while creating pipeline

PUT _ingest/pipeline/attachment
"description": "Reports",
"processors": [
"attachment": {
"field": "data",
"indexed_chars": "-1"

"type": "parse_exception",
"reason": "No processor type exists with name [attachment]"

Can someone help on this topic, Thanks

(David Pilato) #2

Did you restart all the nodes?

(David Pilato) #4

What gives GET _cat/plugins?v

What are the logs?

(David Pilato) #5

BTW using this for a CSV file does not really make sense IMHO as you won't get structured data out of it.

(David Pilato) #8

I think you have 3 nodes.

You installed the attachment plugin on only one node.

(David Pilato) #11

Good point. The documentation is not clear enough.

By default all properties (content, title, name, author, keywords, date, content_type, content_length, language) are extracted. So don't specify "properties" field if you need that.

Otherwise write something like "properties": [ "content", "title" ]

I'm going to fix the documentation.

(David Pilato) #12

For the record, I opened this PR

(David Pilato) #14

If you have an HTTP service which exposes your PDF binary docs somewhere, yes you can add a link to the document.
Can't recall from the top of my head where exactly is the option but if you can't find it by yourself, you can ask on #kibana for help.

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