Ingest-geoip plugin installs in incorrect location

(Richard) #1

It would seem that, when I install the ingest-geoip plugin, it installs the files in /etc/elasticsearch/ingest-geoip, since the process runas as root.

However, since ES-HOME for the instance is set as /etc/elasticsearch/MyInstanceES ... it appears that elasticsearch, when it starts is looking for the files at /etc/elasticsearch/MyInstanceES /ingest-geoip, and thus it fails to start as a result.

I am runninf elasticsearch 6.1.

This behavior is already registered as a bug in Nov 2017 in elasticsearch v5.6. :

Any workaround or fix highly appreciated.
Thanks for your support.
Best Regards.

(Igor Motov) #2

It looks like a bug that we need to fix. Your workaround of just manually moving the directory into the right location is probably the best solution in the short term.

(Richard) #3

Thanks Igor for your reply,
This is indeed what I did thanks to Ansible playbook update.
Regards. Richard

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