Ingest meta data with attachment in App search

hi Team

In the elastic, we usually ingest the attachment in elasticsearch using attachment plugin(Ingest Attachment plugin | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [master] | Elastic) so we don’t have to worry about the types of file we are trying to ingest.

Typically, we need different types of library to read the content of different types of file(i.e work, excel,pdf,pptx). By using this plugin, we do not need any types of library to read the content.

Can we use the same with app search?


With App Search you'll need to process the documents/attachments before sending them to the API. I recommend using Tika for this as it will handle just about any format you need:


Is there any other option to ingest file in app search? we are using .net/.net core as backend technology and tika has api in java.

Can you please help me with easy in .net/.net core to ingest file?

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