Ingest only nodes

I have an ingest-heavy workload (many more writes than reads). I am curious about the need / benefits of having ingest-only nodes vs having the ingest done on the data nodes.

I don't think I actually have a specific ingest pipeline, but my question is whether or not things like indexing / analyzing (e.g. stemming) happens on the ingest nodes or not. Is it beneficial for me to offload this processing to ingest-only nodes, or is that only suggested if you have a specific "ingest pipeline"?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like it yes, especially if you can customise the hardware to give it more CPU (and not as much disk).

Dedicated ingest nodes are generally only required if you are using ingest pipelines. Without pipelines they will acy as coordinating nodes which can be beneficial but does not do a lot of work. indexing and analysis is all done on the data nodes.

Great -- that's what I was thinking but needed verification. Much thanks for the info!

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