Ingest pipeline merge subfields to JSON string?

Hi guys,

I have my apps set to write JSON logs, and filebeat sends them enriched with host metadata to Elasticsearch cluster.

There they get processed by ingest pipeline which basically runs the following GROK:

    "processors": [
            "json": {
                "field": "message",
                "target_field": "apps"

Now, the problem that I'm experiencing is that some of the fields in the json go 10+ levels deep and there's a huge amount of them, which causes the mapping explosion very soon after the index creation (within the first ~10k entries).

I know the exact names of the fields that are culprit, for example: app.payload.params has a bunch of subfields and levels, which get expanded to something like:


Now, I would like to either limit the JSON processor to the depth of processing JSON, but reading the docs that doesn't seem possible. Another option I was thinking about was trying to merge all these fields back into one text field, but it seems Elastic doesn't support ruby processor?

So that means I need to run logstash cluster?

Are there any other options?

you could use a script processor for that.

Also, you may want to check out the newly added flattened datatype, see

I upgraded to 7.6, and just tried flattened. This is the error in filebeat that I get:

 Connection marked as failed because the onConnect callback failed: error loading template: error creating template from file /etc/filebeat/fields-custom.yml: incorrect type configuration for field 'params': unexpected type 'flattened' for field 'params' 

This is the relevant part of the field-custom.yml:

    - name: params
      type: flattened
      description: Some desc.

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