Ingesting data from a database, via a API into ES

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I'm new to ELK and this is my first post here. I'm working with the following scenario:
-My ELK stack is installed on a VM;
-I need to ingest data form another machine via an API endpoint.
-That data is stored in a database (i don't know what kind of database) and the API will provide the data in .json format.

My question is pretty basic, i presume, but i find it difficult to get a straight answer from teh internets:
-HOW do i ingest said data to my ELK stack, via that API?


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Hard to tell without knowing anything about your source but I'd probably look at Logstash with an HTTP input plugin and an Elasticsearch output plugin.

That's all what I can say for now.

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Thanks, i'll look into that - http input plugin and ES output.

We have a machine that collects logs from various network and security devices and stores the log data in a database. This is done by a third party company and i'm not involved in the process.
This company will provide me with an RestAPI endpoint, the api Key and some parameters i can use in order to get specific output (log type, log level, log date etc.). All i know so far is that the data is supposed to be delivered via the API in JSON format.

I apologize for not being more specific, i'm pretty new at this ELK, Json and Restful Api's stuff but i'm a fast learner.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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