Init container fails

I followed the quickstart guide version 0.9.
I applied the elastic operator CRD.
I deployed the elastic cluster with one node, but its status is Init:CrashLoopBackOff.
After some debugging, I found that the init container elastic-internal-init-filesystem fails, specifically in the script
"chowning /usr/share/elasticsearch/data to elasticsearch:elasticsearch
chown: changing ownership of '/usr/share/elasticsearch/data': Operation not permitted"

The chown command is being run by root. Am I missing anything?

Ok, so I found out that the issue is happening because I have a default NFS storage class,
so I created a hostPath pv instead. Now I see that the new pv is indeed bounded, but another default nfs storage class is created, and the init container elastic-internal-init-filesystem still uses it, so im having the same issue.
Is this a bug?

Could you post the Elasticsearch resource you are using now here?

Are you specifying a custom persistent volume claim template as described here?

Also, can you maybe share a bit more information about your Kubernetes environment? Which flavour of Kubernetes are you running and in which version?

It works now.
In the link you sent, it says " The name in the template must be elasticsearch-data"

As I said, I followed the quickstart guide, and there was no mention there about the name restriction :slight_smile:

We are fixing the quickstart guide to be more explicit