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I just installed Elastic and Logstash on Debian via the repositories given via the site
Now i noticed that the the scripts:

  • /etc/init.d/logstash
  • /etc/default/logstash
    Are not fully in line with eachother regarding its own logfile. Now i dont know how where to file a bug report so i post it here.


  • /etc/default/logstash
    (line 25/26)
    # logstash logging
    #LS_LOG_FILE=/var/log/logstash/logstash.log (here whole path is specified)

  • /etc/init.d/logstash
    (line 33/34)

And the init file sources the default file afterwards, so far OK but further in the init script (line 70) the VAR $LS_LOG_DIR is used so that is not consistent and creates a situation which is not expected.
exec "$program" $args
" > "${LS_LOG_DIR}/$name.stdout" 2> "${LS_LOG_DIR}/$name.err" &

Also doesnt this construct the method to use only one logfile for logstash, defined in the default file.
I like to use only one file in and specify it in /etc/default/logstash e.g. with the name /var/log/logstash_logfile

Also if you check the logrotate config supplied, here the default path is /var/log/logstash/*.log

Sure it is easy to solve but it is messy, i rather see it cleaned up at the source.

(Mark Walkom) #2

You can raise bugs here -

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