Initializing shards always show 1


Running es 0.907 and check cluster health show, "initializing_shards" : 1,
and check the log as shown below. Is there a way to make the shard
initialized and assigned without restart node3?

[2013-12-04 09:43:24,915][WARN ][cluster.action.shard ] [node1]
[index_test][2798] received shard failed for [index_test][2798],
node[mcFuzNWuSWOcmEHyqlvBxw], [R], s[INITIALIZING], indexUUID
[AmHTDWThTJu1P24iZufg8w], reason [Failed to start shard, message
[RecoveryFailedException[[index_test][2798]: Recovery failed from
[node1][sXPkYLReS_u6bh4JcidPFA][inet[/]] into
[node3][mcFuzNWuSWOcmEHyqlvBxw][inet[/]]]; nested:
nested: RecoveryEngineException[[index_test][2798] Phase[2] Execution
failed]; nested:
nested: EngineCreationFailureException[[index_test][2798] failed to create
engine]; nested: LockObtainFailedException[Lock obtain timed out:


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