Inomplete populate

I'am a beginner, I'm using ES 6.1.1 in a Symfony project (via fos_elastica bundle)
When I run populate command the progress bar stops at 75% :

root@ce30fac77888/app# php bin/console fos:elastica:populate
Resetting etablissement
12763/16797 [=====================>------]  75%
Populating etablissement/etablissementRefreshing etablissement
Refreshing etablissement

How can I debug and find what's wrong ?
Regards :slight_smile:

I think the first task should be to find out whether this is an Elasticsearch problem or a PHP issue. Can you check the elasticsearch logs and see if there are any error messages?

Thanks :slight_smile:
There are no error messages at all (in ES logs and PHP ones) !

ok, if there are no helping messages in the ES logs, I think your best bet is to share this with the people around FOSElasticaBundle and see if they got a mailinglist or an issue tracker, as I am not sure they are reading this forum. Maybe there is an option for more insight on what that call is doing.

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