Input file reads the entire file with every new row

My input file configuration is as follow:
input {
file {
path => "c:\temp\my-logstash.input"
type => "logs"
start_position => "end"

Yet, every time I add a row to the my-logstash.input file, the entire file is re-indexed (I redirect the output to Elasticsearch).
I checked the sincedb file under $LS_HOME\data\plugins\inputs\file and the byte count is correct.
What am i possibly doing wrong?
Thanks a lot!

Are you sure you are appending to the file? If you e.g. are using an editor, this often results in a new file being created.

Good point. That's exactly how I'm adding new rows at this point - using vim :slight_smile:
I thought that the file name and the byte count are the only considerations. Hmmm...
Thanks for the tip Christian!

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