Inputs to elasticsearch

(Deepak) #1

Hi All,

Are there any other ways of input to elasticsearch other than logtsash??

As logstash doesn't have functionalities like aggregations on data is it possible through any other way.

(Mark Harwood) #2

Various avenues to explore:

  • ETL frameworks - not sure about status of Talend, Pentaho kettle, Mule etc connectors
  • Custom code - use Python, Java etc client APIs
  • Streaming platforms - Storm, Spark
  • Hadoop - see esHadoop project

(Magnus B├Ąck) #3

Of course you can use something other than Logstash to insert data into Elasticsearch:

Note that even if you need additional processing of logs before passing them to Elasticsearch, you can still make use of Logstash. Write some glue code to do the extra processing (or use existing tools) and pass the results of that to Logstash, possibly via a file but there are many other options.

(system) #4