Inserting Data in ES Index which already contain data .?

(Sukesh) #1

Hi Guys ,

i have an ES Index , which contains thousands of data inside it with three layers . like parent child relation wise.

A ---->B ----->C

A is the parent of B , B is the parent of C, we have data in three levels which is interlinked with each other. now i want to add new data in B level, is it possible?

Now if i want add new data , again i am creating a new INDEX and inserting into it. so what should i do to avoid this ! cannt i use same Index again in ES?

(Adrien Grand) #2

Adding new data at the B level is possible, however it needs to be added to the same index as Elasticsearch does not support cross-index joins.

(Sukesh) #3

Hi @jpountz

Thanks for your kind reply , so your are saying that by using update query we can add the data in B level ,rite?

(Adrien Grand) #4

Well, yes, you can add data at any level. But the fact it sounds surprising to you makes me wonder whether I actually understood your question. If you have a minimal recreation that does not work, feel free to share so that I can look into.

(system) #5