Install Elastic Agent 8.12 via SCCM

Is there a method for installing the Elastic Agent via SCCM? If yes, after installing via SCCM can upgrades be managed in the Fleet page of the Elastic Dashboard? Thank you.

You will want to use the ZIP installer for Elastic Agent, extract it to a folder, then use a "script installer" in SCCM and provide command line instructions as specified in the Fleet UI in the "Add Agent" workflow.

You will want to pass command line arguments along the lines of install --non-interactive --url=URL --enrollment-token=UseYourOwnToken to the elastic-agent.exe in the root of the expanded installer package. Again, these can be obtained via the "Add Agent" workflow in Fleet UI.

For detection method, you can then use a "file" on disk pointing to a file in Program Files\Elastic\Agent or anything else you desire.

Once you install via SCCM you can indeed manage upgrades via the Fleet UI.

Edit: update per the comment from @leandrojmp

I would remove the -f since this will force the agent to enroll again with a different id each time the command is run.

Also, if I'm not wrong, for automations you should use the --non-interactive argument.

We have an automation like this, but for linux systems.

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Good call, updated my comment.


Thank you for the information. Is there a way to define the policy from the command line? Or will we have to go into Fleet and assign the policy manually to each endpoint after the agent is installed?

It is the --enrollment-token argument, you just need to get the token for the policy you want to use.

You can do that by going into the policy and clicking Add Agent, so it will show you the steps and you can copy the token.

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Thanks again for the information. I know how to proceed now.

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