Install in a Windows 10 pc

(Steve Hunt) #1

Hi, Newbie Here

I'm trying to get everything up and running on a windows 10 laptop so I can get used to it all.

Installed elasticsearch in that its running and I've checked it (curl checked ok).

Installed kibana and that seems to be running ok

Installed marvel into elasticsearch but can't reach the it via a browser (IE).

Tried localhost:9200/_plugin/marvel/kibana/Index_html#/dashboard/file/marvel.overview,json
and a few variations as well.

No joy, can't get the dashboard to show.

Does anyone know of a step-by-step guide on a windows 10 standalone I can follow ???



(Matt Bargar) #2

Hi poorknight, what version are you trying to run? The newest versions of elasticsearch and Kibana require you to install a Marvel plugin in both Elasticsearch AND Kibana, and then you'll access Marvel via the Kibana interface.

(system) #3