Install logstash-filter-json_encode


I want to install logstash-filter-json_encode plugin in offline mode on logstash 6.3.0.
Please let me know the steps to follow.

What I am doing:

  1. Installed plugin using logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-json_encode
  2. run command logstash-plugin prepare-offline-pack logstash-filter-json_encode
Offline package created at: C:/Users/deepsing/Downloads/logstash-6.3.0/

You can install it with this command `bin/logstash-plugin install file://C:/Users/deepsing/Downloads/logstash-6.3.0/`
  1. Uninstall the plugin the existing plugin logstash-plugin uninstall logstash-filter-json_encode
  2. Stop internet connectivity
  3. Run this command to install plugin offline logstash-plugin install file://C:/Users/deepsing/Downloads/logstash-6.3.0/`
    I am getting below error:
Unable to download data from - SocketError: Failed to open TCP connection to (initialize: name or service not known) (
ERROR: Installation aborted, verification failed for

(system) #2

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