Install older beats version from repo


I tried installing filebeat v5.1.1 from APT repo and it throws an error:
E: Version '5.1.1' for 'filebeat' was not found

It looks like it is a known issue: Install old beats version from repository

Can you please provide an ETA for the fix or if it has been fixed how can we install an older version?


We are working on fixing this.
But why do you want an older version?

Thanks for your reply. Using APT repo provides an easy installation method for running filebeat as a service. The init.d initialization script is NOT included in the tar.gz distributable. We have multiple sources that deploy filebeat to ship data up and as they are added over time, we want all of them of run the particular version that has been tested with our setup. If old versions are pulled from the repo, this approach is not feasible.

If there is another easier way to run filebeat as a background service using the distributable, we would be happy to know about it as well. We are using Ubuntu 16.04 as host OS.

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