Installation and download of free version of Elastic Enterprise Search on Windows

I started the free trial of 14 days of the Elastic Enterprise Search and uploaded tons of files and documents and explored its functionality. However, I need to develop a permanent system (search engine) to search through large amounts of data that will be uploaded consistently. The issue lies in the fact that after the trial ends (i.e. in 8 days), I will no longer have access to the system that I built. For the same I have the following queries :

  1. Would it be possible to download and install Elastic Enterprise Search (on Windows) via Docker? If yes, would there be any charges attached? If no, are there any other alternatives?

  2. If Elastic Enterprise Search (on Windows) can be downloaded and installed (via any technology) without any costs, what are the steps to follow to do so.

  3. Is there any way in which I can transfer all that I've done in the free trial to the downloaded and installed version? If so, what and how do I go about that.

Thanking you in advance for your help and assistance !

Hi @mansi_raval

There are a number of questions in here, let me try to answer them one at a time.

Yes, of course! See: Run Enterprise Search server using Docker images | Elastic Enterprise Search documentation [8.6] | Elastic

That depends on the feature you want to use. Elastic has different license tiers. The "Basic" license is free, and a lot of Enterprise Search features are available under the Basic License. But some features are only available at paid tiers. You can find a breakdown of which features fall under which license tiers at Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic (search for the "ELASTIC ENTERPRISE SEARCH" section).

Docker is one option. Packages are also available. You can read about the various options here: Elastic Enterprise Search server | Elastic Enterprise Search documentation [8.6] | Elastic

Yes. Enterprise Search stores 100% of its data and state inside Elasticsearch. You can move Elasticsearch data from one cluster to another pretty easily using "Snapshots". These are effectively backups of your system that can be restored into any Elasticsearch cluster of the same version. Read more about snapshot/restore here: Snapshot and restore | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic

You have a few options here:

  1. You can ask for an extension of your free trial. I believe you can get up to an additional 2 weeks if you just ask. You can do this by contacting support at
  2. You can convert your trial to a paid Elastic Cloud deployment. If you want to develop a "permanent search system" with "large amounts of data that will be uploaded consistently", Elastic Cloud offers easy ways to host and maintain your system. It is just a few clicks to upgrade when new versions come out. You can enable auto-scaling to meet demand spikes. Support can better support you, as they have quick access to deployment metrics, statistics, and logs. And Elastic Cloud automatically provides you with the top licensing tier content, so you have access to 100% of Enterprise Search's features from the start.
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Thank you so much!! This really helps !

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