Is Elastic App Search Free?

I've been using Elastic App Search on Elastic Cloud and I want to use it locally. I saw that Elastic App Search uses Elastic Enterprise. Can I use Elastic App Search on my machine for free?

Hey there, a lot of functionality from App Search is available under the Basic license but some functionality like document level permissions is only available with a Platinum license. However you can explore all of the functionality during your evaluation period in an unlimited capacity to see whether you need those features. You can see the subscription tiers Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic and how they map to features on that page. Give us a try and let us know how it goes!

I just want to make sure, To use App Search, I have to install Elastic Enterprise Search with basic license, right?


Well technically more exactly...

You will install Elasticsearch, Kibana and Enterprise Search... Locally or self-managed via tar, .DEB or RPM And stick with the default basic license.

Edit .... or docker :slight_smile:

There is one caveat if you're looking to use. ECK elastic cloud on kubernetes. If you're not I won't bother explaining it.

Thanks, I'm trying to run using Docker Compose.


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