Licence: install Elastic 7.16.2 Free or Platinum on Kubernetes

HI Guys,

I would like to install all ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) on Kubernets. I'm undecided if using the Free or Platinum version but before proceeding I would like to know if there are any limits on licenses.

Thanks in advance!

Have you looked at the subscriptions page?


yes! But I found some information only about Elastic Cloud. I'm not interested on Cloud Version


The subscriptions page I linked to show features by license level for both cloud and on-prem.

Hi Christian, yes I totally agree with you but in the page you gave me kubernetes is mentioned only for ECK (Elastic Cloud Kubernetes) product. I don't need the cloud version...

I am not sure I understand what you are looking for and why you do not feel the table provides the answer. ECK is for deploying the Elastic stack on kubernetes in general, which can be in the cloud or on premise. The section on ECK describes which features around this are part of the basic license and which require a commercial license.

Hmmm... I think I'm a little bit confused. So, as you said, I should check the "Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes" section also if I'm on prem?
In this case, for example, I can't install Kibana with Platinum license but I can with free license? It's right?

No. How do you come to that conclusion?

Platinum is Basic plus additional features.

Hi @SalvoDM91

Lets put a little clarity on a situation that is sometimes confusing and sometimes our terminology is a bit confusing... and of course if you are really interested you should Contact Sales...

First, there are 2 Major Categories of Subscription

  1. Elastic Cloud Hosted Solution which Elastic Runs Elastic Deployment on the Cloud Provider of your Choice.
    See Here
    Features vs Subscription see Here
    License Levels : Standard, Gold, Platinum, Enterprise.

  2. Self-Managed: Where you install and run the Elastic Stack where you want, private data center, your cloud provider etc. Under Self Managed there a 2 Sub Categories... But the Features for these categories are the same here for the self-managed.
    License come in Basic/ Free, Platinum and Entperise

  • 2a) Node Based Licenses, were we count up the nodes and there is a subscription per node (there) is more. You can run these nodes on Bare Metal, VMs, K8s etc however you like... You install, Run, Orchestrate, Manage etc. on your infra, data center, cloud provider etc... There are More Details of course but that is the basics:
    License come in Basic/ Free, Platinum and Entperise


  • 2b. There is ECK (Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes) (yes confusing name) Where you run the Elastic Stack using our Official ECK Operator on your infrastructure, your Datacenter or your Cloud Provider of your choice, That adds orchestration etc... and many other benefits. There are more details

ECK only comes in Basic/Free and Enterprise License Levels (Long underlying discussion there)

There is another platform ECE that I will not go into at this time it is an Enterprise Only Subscription.

tl;dr Contact Sales... as you can not purchase any of these self-managed licenses over the web


Hi @stephenb , thanks a lot for your clarification.
So, I could also install self managed (point 2 of your message) on Kubernetes but I guess it would be more complicated than ECK, correct? I ask in case the user has a platinum license



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