License Platinuim Vs Entreprise

In our project, we have three working environments. Currently, we are in the Lab where we conduct our installation and deployment tests for the ELK stack Version 8.8.1, using a set of virtual machines (Elastic Data Node, 2 Kibana, Logstash admin zone, Elastic Coordinator Node, Elastic Master Node, Elastic Data Node, File Server + NFS, 3 Logstash trusted zones). We would like to understand the detailed differences between Platinum and Enterprise licenses and determine which one would be the best option for our case. If you could assist us with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Have you had a look at the subscriptions page?

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Yes, I can see the table of differences between the Elastic licenses, but I need help choosing the best option for our environment. For your information, we have three environments: Lab, Pre-Prod, and Prod. I would like to know if we need to pay for licenses for the Lab environment as well, or if it's just for the Prod environment. Additionally, I'd like to know the prices for each license option...
Thank you

For that you will need to contact Sales at Elastic.

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