Licensing Model and Pricing for Elastic search

Can you please let me know how the Licensing Model of elastic search and Logstash works.
We are looking at bundling Elastic search as an Appliance that will be deployed as part of our Product. We need some of Xpack features such as Security and Data management Plugins that are part of Gold/Platinum license.
Based on our needs stated above, Can you please let me know

  1. pricing for Gold/Platinum and how the Licensing model of ES works,
  2. Is Pricing per Deployment and will it be based on Cores/Number of nodes/GB/VM?

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I don't think the terms of the usual license permit redistribution like you are describing, but separate redistribution agreements are available:

I recommend emailing that address,, to discuss your needs.

Thank you David, I got in touch with guys in Elastic.

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