X Pack License Cost Required


I want to purchase the licensed version of X-Pack for doing some research on my laptop.

Can anyone help me on what is the license fee and the procedure for obtaining license for the same.

I tried to check on elastic website also and also filled in the form with my query for Platinum license but I have not received any response from them.

Vivek Sharma

We don't offer single user/development licenses like this sorry. Your best bet would be to use Elastic Cloud.


Thanks for your quick response.

In that case, could you please help me with the cost for cloud version of elasticsearch.

My objective is to have a commercial version of elasticsearch where I can do my R&D before I implement solutions in customer environemnt.

Some of the features like pipeline merging, centralize pipeline management,etc are not there in free version of elasticsearch.


Head over to https://cloud.elastic.co/pricing

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