What is the licensing model for App Search?

As of creation of this topic (June 13 '19) version 0.1.0-beta5 of App Search is released, but no licensing info. Per my initial convos with elastic team members, they are working on eventually, someday producing licensing.
We need to know what licensing models will be used (open source/Basic license vs pay-to-play license) so we can plan our development.
It would be really good if both types are provided.

Hey there ~

Welcome to the community. :tada:

You'll be very pleased to hear that App Search will be "generally available" soon.

... And App Search - with its core feature set - will be available under a basic license. :fireworks:

Enjoy the day and keep your eye on Elastic's twitter feed next week.

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Kellen. you are awesome! thanks.
Do you have an ETA on general availability? And will there be an additional paid license with increased capabilities?

Thank you! I'll pass the good feelings on to the rest of the development team.

Yes, there will be options to enhance your license.

More information will be out with the release of 7.2 of the Elastic Stack.

I can't delve into specifics until then! :zipper_mouth_face:


Good news!

We really hope you like it.

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