Elastic Basic license query


Can anyone please help me with the Elastic Basic license usage.
In my product, I want to use elastic Basic license features, without any change to source code.
Can I make use of the Basic license for free?
Please help.

Got this reply from David Pilato.

Both are free to use. There are some restrictions with the basic one, like you can not offer an elasticsearch as a service in the cloud with basic but you can use it internally in your company for your projects.

It's true that you can freely use all the Basic-licensed features yourself and within your company, but you were asking about using some Basic-licensed features in a "product", and I think the answer there is a bit more complicated since it depends on the nature of that product. Some kinds of product are covered by the license you already hold, but others are not. The license includes instructions on this subject:

If You have any question as to whether a specific SaaS Offering constitutes a Prohibited SaaS Offering, or are interested in obtaining Elastic's permission to engage in commercial or non-commercial distribution of the Elastic Software, please contact elastic_license@elastic.co.

If in doubt, send a message to that address.

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