Installation Error

I am trying to setup a DLQ. I was getting Errors related to the plugin. I tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling it but the same error was happening that tells me it didn't exist. I decided to reinstall Logstash. On the install I am getting the below error

Cannot create "logstash-7.6.2\vendor\bundle\jruby\2.5.0\gems\logstash-input-dead_letter_queue-1.1.5\vendor\jar-dependencies\co\elastic\logstash\input\logstash-input-dead_letter_queue\1.1.4\logstash-input-dead_letter_queue-1.1.4.jar".

Any ideas?

I have checked a previous installation and the DLQ works fine with that version. It is using a different jar file though in this area. Any ideas how I can go about solving this for the new version?

Figured it out. For anyone facing the issue. It doesn't like that my directory name included a folder called XXX_XXXX. I changed it to XXXX and all is good.

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