Installing Elasticsearch 6.7.0 on CDH 5.8.2 / CDH 5.13.1


I'm trying to install the elastic service on CDH platform(5.8.2 for now). I have been successful in installing it on just one node using the defaults (i.e. it runs on and writes data to locally to linux system). I also successfully tested this Elasticsearch-Hadoop Example on localhost and it runs perfectly fine.
However running on localhost does not help me too much, I want it to be setup like a cluster on all my CDH cluster nodes (I have 9 of them) and its reads/writes data to my CDH datanodes instead where data disks are mounted as below


I see that there are variables in the config/elasticsearch.yml that I can change but I'm not sure about which one exactly to modify. Are these the below ones - /path/to/data ["", "::0"]

What values do I set them to and are there any other variables in addition to this I need to set ? I did look into the Requirements section of the Installation document, it just shows to run it on localhost, it doesn't help you much on the settings the variables on Platforms Cloudera/Hortonworks/Mapr etc.

I'm really new to this elasticsearch world and would appreciate any help on this. I would be happy to provide you with more details if necessary.

Thanks !

Mohammed Ayub

I got it setup reading these blog posts:
Elasticsearch on Ubuntu
Elasticsearch Production Cluster
Works perfectly fine.

Mohammed Ayub

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