Installing keystore



I'm trying to install keystore using the following command:

bin/logstash-keystore create

and I get this error:

bin/logstash-keystore: No such file or directory

I'm in my logstash directory and don't understand why this command isn't working. The bin directory is right there.

This is the guide I am using:

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What is the OS you use?

If it is Linux, you can go to the path /usr/share/logstash/bin/logstash-keystore/


Yeah, I'm using Linux but that path does not exist.
there's not logstash-keystore in bin.

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kb2295, you install or unzip distribution?


Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm using logstash 5.6

Is there a guide on how i can use logstash-keystore with 5.6?

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logstash-keystore is not add in version 5.6
logstash-keystore add only in 6.2

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