Installing Marvel Licence Upgrade in WINDOWS (10) PLATFORM

Here is the instruction to install the Marvel License Upgrade:

<curl -XPUT -u admin 'http://:/_license' -d @license.json>

I am running WIN10. Where exactly do I enter the above, and what form of it is suitable for WIN10;
considering that:

  1. It won't run on WIN10 command com / shell
  2. I can't (or don't know how) to connect directly to ES other than from a Browser URL window

You need to install curl in your Windows machine.
I'm not sure what native command you could use.

Precisely: how to install curl in windows machine! And what if any native command that I could use.
There have to be folks in this forum who are WINDOWS users.

A search on internet gave this as the first link:

But, as a former Windows user, I do not recommend using curl on windows.
Use SENSE or any REST plugin for your browser.

POSTMAN is a good plugin if you don't do sense.

Thanks. You helped solve the problem: I went against your advice (out of exasperation) and installed the appropriate stable version of CURL.

  1. CURL installed correctly on my WIN10 64bit machine and runs fine.
  2. I was able to use CURL to upgrade the Marvel License following curl'ed instructions.
    (P.S: I also installed REST prior to installing CURL: had same problems with all the browsers that I reported here earlier)
    So this particular problem was solved by sticking with CURL.
    (I have since run into another problem with WIN10 and bootstrapping with syscall which is preventing ES-Marvel from starting up--see my latest problem post).
    Thanks, again!