InstanceAlreadyExistsException for logstash id

I have multiple pipelines in my Logstash configuration. Each pipeline has a dedicated Kafka topic. Should the client id be same for pipelines? It seems the client id is accepted for a few but creates an InstanceAlreadyExistsException after some time. are the logs.

The message in question is a WARN-level log message from the code that the Kafka Input plugin relies on.

Typically, WARN-level messages do not indicate a failure or a need for immediate action, but serve to act as a paper-trail when chasing down an error (which is typically logged at ERROR-level) or crash.

Are you experiencing an issue where one or more pipeline isn't behaving as expected?

I was trying to figure out whether this was causing any other cascaded problem. I was able to get rid of this by setting explicit client id and group id in the pipelines. I will start a different topic for the other problem.

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