Instances Status on Elastic Search

Is there a way to check the Instances status thru API, I wanted to check the whether an Instance is available online or not. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.


Have a look a the _cat APIs.

Hi @warkolm-

Thanks for your reply. It has the Cluster health and the ES node info.
But, I don't see the Instances data available. Do you have any other resources available ? Thanks !


What are you expecting then?

Hi @warkolm-

There will be many instances connected to the Elastic Search as shows below:

I wanted to see if the above instance status is green ? And to cjheck how to long its been connected to the cluster. Please let me know. Thanks !

Instances/nodes are not green, only the cluster is.

Perhaps one of the nodes stats APIs has the other info though.

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Okay, Got you @warkolm.

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