Integrate APM Elastic for Android / iOS APP

Hi All,
How can I integrate APM Elastic into my APP (Swift and Kotlin)?
Can I use APM API (Events Intake API)?

You can currently use the Events API, as you discovered for the time being. Mobile SDKs are on the roadmap.


Hi Gill,
Thanks for answer...

I have a banking application. I want to get the end-to-end user trace (login, deposits, transfers, ...) So that it can be tracked and time breakdown with the rest of the application layers, backend, to the mainframe.
For all that it's possible use Events API?
What happens to users who are on a mobile network, can it consume their data volume if I need to track all my APP transactions?

The other option could be to implement OpenTelemetry and then integrate it to API Elastic? Do you know any success case?

That sounds reasonable, yes. Propagating context between the apps is likely to be your biggest challenge.

It depends on your implementation - it should be possible to buffer events until connected to wifi.

Certainly! See these docs to get started.

Another question ...
when do you expect the mobile SDK to be available?
In first quarter of this year?

We don't currently have an estimate on availability but certainly post-Q1 2021.

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