ES and APM-Server for Mobile App telemetry?

We're already using Elastic and apm-server for metrics with our web applications, and now we're building a mobile app and it would be great to use elastic stack for that as well. The app will be built with React Native and deployed via Expo. I found this React integration | APM Real User Monitoring JavaScript Agent Reference [master] | Elastic
and am wondering if that would all work together?

Hi @steevhise ,

Thanks for using Elastic!

Currently, the RUM agent is not supported on react-native. In spite of that, a few weeks ago we shared a workaround that would allow you to use the agent to create custom transactions

Link to the issue: How to use the package in react-native · Issue #1276 · elastic/apm-agent-rum-js · GitHub

Let me know if this helps you.


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