Integrate APM with java 8 tomcat 6 app

I have a legacy application running on java 8 and tomcat 6.
I want it to integrate APM to this app as several of my organization services are already integrated with APM.

I have read in the document that tomcat 7, 8, and more are compatible with the APM but not 6 is not mentioned. It is a very complicated task for us to upgrade the tomcat so trying to find a solution to integrate with Tomcat 6.

Kindly, let me know what is the way to integrate without upgrading.

Hi and welcome to our APM forum!

AFAIK, Tomcat 6 uses Servlet API version 2.5, which is not supported by our agent. Since it is very rarely used, we currently don't plan to support it.

Besides upgrading your Tomcat version, since you are using Java 8, another option is to install our agent and manually trace your application using our public API to create transactions (and rely on the other agent functionalities to trace the rest). A couple of annotations may get you quite far.

I hope this helps.

Do we have any hello example using public api for unsupported versions

Take a look at the annotations API unit tests for usage.

Regarding where the annotations should go - that's application-specific. Generally speaking, a transaction should encapsulate the entire request-handling flow. For example, if you use plain Servlets, annotate your doGet and doPost implementation with @CaptureTransaction.

Understanding our data model will help you determine how to use the API.

I hope this helps.

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