Integrating elasticseach and kibana in custom app

Hi all,

I'm building an app which need to store some grocery products and order track information. Now i would like to implement this using elasticsearch and for some reporting purpose i would like to use kibana.

Can you please tell me the following things,

  1. Can i convert RDBMS structure into elasticsearch for this scenario ?

  2. I knew that API's are available for elasticsearch and also integration part, But what about Kibana ? Can i integrate those reporting into my app (I knew that we can integrate through embedded iframes) another way ?

Thanks in advance

Yes, you can use something like the Logstash JDBC input, for instance, to do a query and convert rows in RDBMS into documents. GitHub - logstash-plugins/logstash-input-jdbc: Logstash Plugin for JDBC Inputs It's currently in beta, but should be GA'd in the next couple of weeks. You can also write your own data ingest for relational data, putting data directly into ES using ES API calls.

iFrames is the typical way we see Kibana charts being integrated into portals. Aside from that, you can build your own visualizations on top of Elasticsearch, using Kibana as a way to understand how to structure your Elasticsearch queries. Behind every chart in Kibana there is information about what request is being sent to Elasticsearch (see screenshot).

Can you please share few examples for integrating Kibana charts as iframe?


There are a handful of products that do it, but I don't have any examples off the top of my head.

However, getting the iFrame code is pretty easy, it's under the share menu.

The first section contains the iFrame code you need for whatever you're looking at in Kibana.

If you look at the src URL, you'll see the complete state of the visualization or dashboard or whatever it is that you are embedding. Generally we see user embedding visualizations, and when they need to change the time range or something else in them, they do so by modifying the URL in the iFrame from within their application.


I have added Kibana iframe in my web page. This iframe is having vertical and horizontal scroll bar. Is it possible to change the size of the iframe depending on the content being loaded? I checked for various Javascript solutions, but all fails due to Cross Domain Policy.


I'm pretty sure you can query into the iFrame from within the main app, but it's been a while since I've played around with anything like that and things may have changed with regard to access and browser security.

What is it that you are embedding in the iFrame? If it's a single visualization, then it should resize to fit in the context of the frame. If it's an entire dashboard, then it'll try to do some resizing, but it may not fit if the target frame is very small.