Integrating spellcheck and partial word search with the Drupal Search API

I am attempting to use Elasticsearch with Drupal instead of the usual Solr because Elastic seems to be faster, takes less ram, and has a better structure overall.

My issues are with getting the more advanced features working. As of right now i am successfully using Elastic as the index with the Search API.

I would like to add Spelling correction, and partial word search results. There is a module called fuzzy search that does the trick but it doesn't integrate with the elasticsearch index. Is there a module that exists or some setting within Elastic to make this work?

Are you searching for this?

Yes I think so. I'm still trying to wrap my head around elasticsearch and how it is communicating with drupal.
If I have fuzzy querry. how will Drupal know to search on partial words?

Is this a drupal question or an elasticsearch question that i have?

I believe it's a Drupal question?
Did you try one of the Drupal plugins?

I'm unsure of which query type they run or if they have that fuzzy option...


I am facing the same problem. Did you manage to find a solution for this?

Looking briefly at the Drupal plugin docs, the following might help you:

(not a drupal expert here though, maybe better to check with the original plugin authors)